Green Crochet Pouch

40 USD

When Summer arrives it makes you want to go out and feel the light breeze running through your loose hair! You grab your favorite purse and run to the door to catch the sun on your face. This lovely green pouch will always be ready to carry your essential items, by your entrance table.

- Spring/Summer pouch purse
- Green yarn (100% cotton)
- Denim fabric
- White lining
- Top zipper with a tassel
- Sizes: 6,69"/17cm (Width) x 5,91"/15cm (Height)
- Production Method: Crochet, Sew
- ID number: NMA0534

~~ MADE TO ORDER: one item has a processing time of 1-2 weeks ~~

NOTE: This is a handmade purse, made with extra care and attention to every detail to be a perfect and flawless piece.
The choice of the materials is made with special attention to quality and durability so you can have complete confidence when purchasing a NOTON by Raquel creation!