Boho Fringes Shawl

60 USD

Your boho soul has fallen in love with this Summer shawl.
Simple and light, this perfect shawl has that unique detail of the fringes that gives you a sense of movement even when you're not moving!

- Crochet Summer shawl
- Yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)
- Colour: pick your favorite colour. The colour chart is in the pictures.
- Sizes: 55,12"/140cm (Width, without the fringes) x 25,98"/66cm (Height, in the middle without the fringes)
- Production Method: Crochet
- ID number: NCH0500

~~ MADE TO ORDER: one item has a processing time of 1-2 weeks ~~

NOTE: This is a handmade crochet shawl, made with extra care and attention to every detail to be a perfect and flawless piece.
The choice of the materials is made with special attention to quality and durability so you can have complete confidence when purchasing a NOTON by Raquel creation!